Personal Insolvency

Personal insolvency is the inability of an individual to pay his or her debts. If you find yourself in this situation it can be frightening – especially when letters of demand start to arrive in the mail.

To many, bankruptcy is the first word that springs to mind when insolvency is mentioned. But this is not the only option available – another is a personal insolvency agreement.

As with any problem, financial or otherwise, the sooner you face it head on, the easier it will be to prevent the situation getting out of hand. In the case of personal insolvency, it is vital that you seek professional help as soon as you realise your debts have reached a point where you cannot pay them, or letters of demand and other legal threats start to arrive.

At Insolvency Practitioners 4 U , we are passionate about helping people during what can be a confusing and difficult time. We pride ourselves on doing everything possible to help clients find a way to solve their financial problems and to protect them from the emotional trauma of dealing with creditors.

Once creditors know you have taken steps to address the situation by bringing in professional help, they are usually more willing to negotiate an agreement that results in a positive outcome for all.